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Specialized Podiatry 

Our team of experts specializes in providing top-notch podiatry for performance horses recovering from injuries. We understand the importance of proper hoof care in the recovery process and are dedicated to helping your equine athlete get back to peak performance. 

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Dave Gillam


Farrier and Podiatrist 

Dave Gilliam is an experienced farrier who specializes in dealing with lameness issues in horses. He works with veterinarians to develop a synergistic shoeing protocol that allows horses to overcome performance lameness and return to soundness as soon as possible. Dave's expertise lies in understanding the physiology and anatomy of the lower limb, interpreting radiographs, and communicating effectively with veterinarians. He uses the concept of "load the good, unload the bad" to help horses compete while allowing healing to take place. Dave has successfully fixed common lameness issues such as under run heels, quarter cracks, laminitis, navicular syndrome, and soft tissue injuries. He is also experienced in dealing with complex lameness issues like laminitis and ligament and tendon tears, and works with veterinarians to develop shoeing protocols that unload the affected structures and support the healthy ones.

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