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About Us

Customized Rehabilitation for Your Horse

If you're looking for a top-tier equine sports rehabilitation program, look no further than EquiSpa. Located at the Sonoma Horse Park, EquiSpa offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based modalities to help get your horse back to peak performance.


At EquiSpa, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing full-service care to our clients. Our team works closely with primary veterinarians, in-house veterinary staff, and our expert podiatrist to ensure that your horse receives the best possible care.


Our boutique facility is designed to offer a comfortable and accessible location for your horse's rehabilitation journey. We understand how important it is to get your horse back to work as quickly and safely as possible, and we emphasize this goal throughout every step of our rehabilitation process.


EquiSpa's focus on evidence-based modalities means that we use only the most effective and proven techniques to help your horse recover from initial injury diagnosis. We work closely with your primary veterinarian to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan that meets your horse's unique needs.


At EquiSpa, we believe that the key to successful equine sports rehabilitation is a combination of expert care, cutting-edge techniques, and a commitment to excellence. If you're looking for a rehabilitation program that can help your horse get back to peak performance, come visit us at EquiSpa today.


Our Story

Jill Hamilton, the owner of Millennium Farm, and farrier/podiatrist Dave Gillam, recognized a crucial gap in the northern California horse community. They realized that there was an unmet need for a luxury rehabilitation facility that could help sport horses recover from injuries and return to competition-level fitness. After speaking with other professionals and veterinarians in the area, they discovered that there was a significant demand for such a facility. This realization led to the birth of EquiSpa.

EquiSpa is a complete program that utilizes effective practices to ensure that horses recover from their injuries and return to their owners in optimal condition. The facility offers all-encompassing therapies and full collaboration between owners, veterinarians, and farriers. The program ensures that horses receive proper care and treatment, to help them recover faster and more effectively.

 Jill and Dave's vision has become a reality, and EquiSpa is here to provide exceptional care and treatment for horses, helping them recover from injuries and return to their owners ready for riding.

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