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EquiSpa is a comprehensive, boutique style equine rehabilitation program that offers customized rehabilitation programs, from diagnosis through recovery and return to work. We have a wide range of services available including: salt water cryotherapy, podiatry; cold laser; riding programs specific to injury treatment, strengthening and reconditioning; chiropractic work and acupuncture; and much much more! 

At EquiSpa will work closely with your primary veterinarian keeping them and you informed with weekly progress reports and video to show how your horse is progressing. We can take your veterinarians recommendations and work directly with them, and we can utilize our in house veterinary team that specializes in lameness and sports medicine. The goal is to accommodate your horses specific needs and assist it through this time and send your horse back to you ready to be put back into the work that matches your riding goals, whether that's the top level of competition or pleasure. 

EquiSpa is located at the beautiful Sonoma Horse Park in Petaluma, CA,

Please check back soon for our completed website; as well as important dates like our Grand Opening and Open House!!

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